From Japanese cuisine to French, Italian, and more, the collection has a restaurant to suit your tastes. Each restaurant makes itself unique by offering one-of-a-kind dishes, special sake and food pairings, or high quality ingredients only available in the local region.

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This page introduces the Japan Brand Collection's top hotels and ryokans, allowing you to choose luxury wherever you go. For sightseeing, choose from a wide selection of hotels conveniently located in city centers; for those who wish to relax and experience Japanese hospitality, why not browse the selection of quiet ryokans with private onsen?

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Artisan Crafts and Products

This page introduces various stores that specialise in artisan crafts and unique products, such as Japanese knives, hanko stamps, traditional sweets, and sake.

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Cultural Experiences

Whether you are looking to delve into Japanese culture or simply enjoy some unique cultural experiences, this page will help you to decide what to try first. From tea ceremony experiences to crafting traditional Japanese sweets and more, the Japan Brand Collection has something for everyone to enjoy.

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The Japan Brand Collection is a magazine that seeks to introduce Japan's best eateries, hotels, and experiences. In collaboration with, this website presents the Collection's vast array of top-quality hotels and ryokan, restaurants, arts and crafts, and cultural experiences in the hope that people who come to Japan can enjoy every moment of their visit.

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Below are four types of facilities that the Japan Brand Collection introduces: restaurants, hotels and ryokan, arts and crafts, and cultural experiences. Click on a category to browse the various facilities that the Collection introduces.