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Wine and Washoku MIKURI

Located in the subdued Nijo area of Kyoto, this little restaurant is where fine wine from around the world is married with washoku (Japanese cuisine). All meals are omakase-style courses, with the first dishes being served from when the restaurant opens (18:30). The omakase-style course allows diners to sit down and relax while being amazed by the excellent pairings of food and wine. The course includes six to seven different wine pairings. The restaurant also stocks over 400 bottles of wine, so diners can order their favorite brands.

Owner Erabu Nishibetto’s career as a sommelier has spanned many famous restaurants and top-class hotels, and he is known as one of the finest of his craft in Kyoto Prefecture. He has a special interest in what’s most current among the wines of France, Italy, California, and more, so he makes his recommendations based on what are the best wines to drink “in the now.” Mr. Nishibetto and the head chef, who refined his skills working in kappou-style restaurants in Kyoto’s bustling Gion district, work together to design meals that use the most in-season ingredients in ways that pair with the wide flavor profiles of the chosen wines. Enjoy the finest pairings of selected wines and Japanese cuisine at MIKURI.

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Wine and Washoku MIKURI

38-1, Higashi-Ikesu-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture

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Average price: 28,000 yen per person

General Operating Hours 18:30-23:00

Closed Mondays and twice a month every other Sunday