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Jikko Cutlery is a specialty store that has produced knives in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture, since 1901. Sakai has been a major center of the Japanese knife industry since the seventeenth century, and its characteristic single-edge knives are favored by professional chefs around the world for their high-quality, precise blade and their overall pleasing design. This single-edge is difficult to reproduce via machinery.

What sets Jikko apart from its competitors is that its craftsmen continue to hand-sharpen and customize each knife blade to meet customer needs. This ensures that each knife is precise and easy to use, in a way which cannot be replicated by machine. Jikko’s craftsmen are also dedicated to producing attractive designs that are pleasing to the eye without sacrificing any utility or precision.

Customers may also visit Jikko’s Osaka, Tokyo, and Kyoto stores to pick up the products on display and find the knife that has the perfect fit and weight for them. Experience the satisfaction of preparing food with a high-quality Jikko knife that meets your every need.

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1-1-9 Nishikino-cho-nishi, Sakai-ku, Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture

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General Operating Hours
Monday to Friday 9:00-18:00
Saturday 9:00-16:00

Closed Sundays, national holidays, summer vacation, year-end and New Year holidays.