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GOTO RETREAT by Onko Chishin

The Goto Islands are located 100 km west of Nagasaki Prefecture, Kyushu, in the East China Sea. The islands are accessible from Tokyo Haneda, Osaka Itami and Kansai International Airports, and Centrair of Central Japan International Airport via Nagasaki or Fukuoka Airports. They are a 40-minute flight from either Nagasaki or Fukuoka Airports and an 85-minute jetfoil ride from Nagasaki Port. The coastline of the Goto Islands was formed when Mt. Onidake erupted 50,000 years ago and lava flowed into the sea. They are also “islands of prayer” where people kept their faith during religious persecution in the seventh century. At this retreat, guests can find inspiration in the strength and flexibility of the faithful in an oasis of light.

The hotel was designed by award-winning interior designer Yukio Hashimoto and features craftsmanship by local artists. With its architectural design inspired by the scenery of the islands, the hotel allows people to feel at one with the beautiful nature of Goto. From the retreat’s lobby to its 26 guest rooms, each space feels refreshingly open and provides panoramic views of the sea and sky. Each guest room has its own private open-air bath where guests can enjoy the scent and feel of the ocean breeze. The views of the expansive sky and sea evoke the sense of eternity, as well as a past and future that are connected, making it a contemplative space.

Goto Retreat’s staff are also available to help guests plan and personalize their stays to make the most of their time on the Goto Islands. Guests can enjoy a variety of activities, including making stained glass, extracting essential oils, taking cruises, and trekking through Saikai National Park. A trip to the spa further helps guests to settle their minds and souls with body and facial treatments containing the essence of Goto’s camellia, which has been growing wild since ancient times, as well as Vichy shower treatments that use the water pressure of the shower to promote circulation in the body.

The dining area provides a panoramic view of both Mt. Onidake and the nearby sea, which serves as the background for the hotel’s “Kaiseki Cuisine of Light.” This cuisine is inspired by light gently pouring down and enveloping the island, and makes use of an array of ingredients found in and around Goto, such as seafood, island vegetables, and Goto beef, which is a local speciality. With the island’s remote location, the hotel shows great respect for local producers and ensures that its dishes highlight the qualities of Goto’s fresh produce. After dinner, guests can relax at the adjoined “Ray Bar.” Its atmosphere that fuses East and West is a place to unwind, breathe easy, and look inwards while enjoying cocktails inspired by the stories of Goto.

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GOTO RETREAT by Onko Chishin

2877 Kamisakiyamacho, Goto city, Nagasaki Prefecture

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Accommodation rates
From 29,700 yen per person *No meals.
From 51,700 yen per person *Includes breakfast and dinner.
Accommodation rates (tax included) are based on two people occupying one room.