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Sushi Yuuden

Located east of busy Dotonbori in the more relaxed Tanimachi area of Osaka, Sushi Yuuden’s traditional Japanese-style exterior is a humble contrast to the surrounding concrete high rises. With years of experience at famous sushi restaurants and luxury hotels in the Kansai region of Japan, including Fukuki Sushi (est. 1910) in Nipponbashi, Osaka, and the Ritz-Carlton in Kyoto, head sushi artisan Nishimura Yuya prepares sushi for his customers in an exquisite performance of culinary skill.

As an omakase-style sushi restaurant, customers can partake in an intimate dining experience in which the head chef selects and serves dishes while engaging in conversation with customers and adjusting the dishes according to their needs. Because Nishimura adjusts the selection on a daily basis, there is no menu or set course meal. As suits his artisanship, he does not limit himself to Edomae-style sushi, for he also frequently serves other appetizers with drinks to compliment the main sushi dishes.

All of the fish served at Sushi Yuuden are carefully selected by the owner every day at nearby markets, and other ingredients are also sourced locally. Nishimura handles each ingredient with care and finesse to bring out the best of the ingredients’ natural flavors. Dishes are served on porcelain dishes and Oribe ware with the food arranged in a creative, and at times playful, manner. Nishimura aims to uphold the traditional techniques and hospitality he has cultivated throughout his career as a sushi artisan to deliver the most delicious dishes to customers in a relaxed, nostalgic atmosphere, while still adding his own creative touch.

Sushi Yuuden’s traditional Japanese-interior is small and intimate, with sliding paper doors, mud walls, and a counter made from 160-year-old cypress wood with room to seat eight people. The kitchen itself is installed to be lower than the customers’ seats so that customers can more clearly see the intricate hand movements of the chef as he prepares the dishes. Nishimura aims to create a welcoming environment for people who may otherwise feel intimidated by the counter-style seating, such as parents with young children, by treating each customer with care and respect, regardless of age.

Experience the genuine flavors and hospitality of traditional Japanese sushi cuisine in an unpretentious, relaxed atmosphere at Sushi Yuuden.

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Sushi Yuuden

Kitaoka Building 1F, 3-8-25, Ueshio, Tennoji-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture

Telephone Number

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Average price 28,000 yen

General Operating Hours 17:30-23:00
*Lunch is available by reservation only

Closed Mondays, New Year's holidays, GW, Obon, and other irregular holidays